Must-Use Form Builder for Developers: SurveyJS

Need a form? Check out SurveyJS, a set of four open-source JavaScript form builder libraries that you can easily integrate into your JavaScript app to load and run unlimited web forms, or build your own self-hosted form management system, retaining all sensitive data on your servers.

With SurveyJS you can also analyze received survey results in custom-built dashboards, save built forms to PDF, or simply convert created forms to editable PDF files. Basically, it’s a whole different approach to survey design, analysis, and survey data storage.

SurveyJS is an alternative to pricey custom solutions, and mainstream SaaS survey platforms that lock you in an environment you don’t control. It has integration for React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Knockout, and of course, jQuery. You have total freedom of choice as to the backend, because any server + database combination is fully compatible.


Check the source code on GitHub or read the documentation.

Create surveys, polls, and quizzes for your React application for free.

  • Over 100 free demos for React, Angular, Vue, jQuery, and Knockout to get you started
  • Open source code on Github and the changelog of the library development history
  • No-code GUI-based form builder to auto generate a form data model - a schema written in JSON
  • 20+ built-in question types and support for custom question types
  • Community-supported UI localization to 50+ languages
  • Built-in themes and full CSS customization
  • Input validation and data pre-processing

Get started in a few simple steps (Angular example):

  • Install the survey-angular-ui npm Package
  • Import CSS file of a built-in theme and apply it to configure a style of your form
  • Write, create, or use a free example of a survey data ‘schema’ in JSON. Your entire form is defined as a data model (a ‘schema’) written in JSON.
  • Instantiate a survey Model by passing the data schema to the Model. A model describes the layout and contents of your survey.
  • Import framework-specific rendering component and pass the Model instance to the component’s model attribute.

As a result, you’ll see a web form that looks like this.

Get started with Angular or clone the repo.


SurveyJS Form Library is distributed under the MIT license.

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